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Worry Quotes is a list of great quotes and comments about worrying and being worried.

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  • People are worried about the unknown. They are worried about things that they are unwilling to invest some time in and learn about. I don't think most of these people are going to be automated out of existence.
    Michael Bloomberg # Learning, Worry, Investing Quotes
  • I was interested in being an editor of a magazine, but in order to be an editor of a magazine I had to become a publisher as well. I had to pay the bills. I had to worry about the printing and the paper manufacturing and the distribution of that magazine.
    Richard Branson # Entrepreneur, Worry Quotes
  • There is a spiritual side to our connection with the planet. And in this material world, that's anathema. It is somewhat worrying. What I say.. it makes life. It gives us fulfilment. It makes us whole human beings. And without it, we make mistakes. And, boy, are the leaders of the world making mistakes at the moment.
    Bob Brown # Spiritual, World, Environmental, Life, Mistakes, Worry Quotes
  • The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.
    Gautama Buddha # Secret, Mind, Human, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Health, Worry, Inspirational, Future, Today Quotes
  • I believe there is a chance for progress if countries worried about services and market access can make some concessions and America and Europe can look again at agricultural protectionism.
    David Cameron # Belief, Progress, Worry, Ecology, America Quotes
  • A warrior never worries about his fear.
    Carlos Castaneda # Warrior, Intelligent, Worry, Fear, Strong Quotes
  • Personally, I tend to worry about what I save, not what I spend.
    Paul Clitheroe # Worry, Investing Quotes
  • If you believe that feeling bad or worrying long enough will change a fact, then you are residing on another planet with a different reality system.
    Wayne Dyer # Belief, Bad, Worry Quotes
  • The most important thing is God's blessing and if you believe in God and you believe in yourself, you have nothing to worry about.
    Mohamed Al-Fayed # God, Important, Belief, Self, Worry, Inspirational Quotes
  • Say my husband had a dangerous job and I wasn't with him, I don't know how you go, 'Oh honey, how was it with the police department today? You got all your fingers and toes today?' It would scare me. I'd have to become a police officer and work with him; I couldn't do it.
    Terri Irwin # Job, Work, Relationships, Worry Quotes
  • You don't only worry about the people who hate or resent you; in a way, you're more worried about the people who love you.
    Calvin Klein # Worry, Hate, Love Quotes
  • Your ultimate success or failure will depend on your ability to ignore the worries of the world long enough to allow your investments to succeed. It isn’t the head but the stomach that determines the fate of the stock-picker.
    Peter Lynch # Success, Failure, Worry, World, Investing Quotes
  • There's this thing of greed versus fear. The market's going up, you're not worried. All of a sudden it starts going down and you start saying, "I remember my uncle told me, you know, somebody lost it all in the Depression. People were jumping out of windows. They were selling pencils and apples."
    Peter Lynch # Stock Market, Fear, Greed, Loss, Worry Quotes
  • I don't want my president to be a TV star. You don't have to be on television every minute of every day - you're the president, not a rerun of 'Law & Order'. TV stars are too worried bout being popular and too concerned about being renewed.
    Bill Maher # Television, Famous, Worry, Politician Quotes
  • I had learnt early in my career that when someone says "don't worry", it's time to worry.
    Max Markson # Job, Worry, Learning Quotes
  • Through books and experience I have learned not to worry about business problems, not to let them overwhelm me. I prefer to compartmentalize - to mentally isolate the problems and put each into its own imaginary folder, just like a filing cabinet or computer program.
    Max Markson # Experience, Learning, Business, Worry, Problem Quotes
  • And people are feeling the pressure of the ever-increasing gap. They're worried about their kids and they're worried about their health and the challenges are similar. It transcends race and political party.
    Michelle Obama # Pressure, Feelings, Politics, Health, Worry, Challenges, Party Quotes
  • A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.
    Suze Orman # Finance, Freedom, Life, Worry Quotes
  • I worry, but I’ve worried all along. I worried as we got bigger and there were new pressures on the company.
    Larry Page # Worry, Stress, Company Quotes
  • Worry and fear are everywhere. Worry and fear are another sign that contentment is not in the house. Worry and fear paralyze us and have reached truly epidemic levels in our culture. Worry and fear cannot exist it the same house as contentment does.
    Dave Ramsey # Worry, Fear Quotes
  • I came to realize that my money problems, worries, and shortages largely began and ended with the person in my mirror. I realized also that if I could learn to manage the character I shaved with every morning, I would win with money.
    Dave Ramsey # Worry, Problems, Money, Winning, Smart, Encouragement Quotes
  • I am deeply worried because we are seeing an unleashing of violence by 2,000 to 3,000 thugs who come to smash and loot. My objective is to avoid mistakes by the police, so that people can protest in safety.
    Nicolas Sarkozy # Worry, Violence, Mistakes, Protest Quotes
  • There have been times when I have been unhappy, but I realize that I created that unhappiness myself because I was so busy worrying about the next thing.
    Oprah Winfrey # Happy, Worry, Creative Quotes
  • I was worried about how I was going to fit into a certain image that other people had of me. But not any more. I feel I'm back in control of my life now, personally and professionally.
    Oprah Winfrey # Worry, Life, Control Quotes

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