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Reform Quotes is a list of great quotes and comments about political and economic reforms, reformation and reformators.

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  • Wikileaks is a mechanism to maximize the flow of information to maximize the amount of action leading to just reform.
    Julian Assange # WikiLeaks, Technology, Internet, Information, Reform Quotes
  • Talented, experienced leaders like these, who have stepped forward and committed to the critical task of transforming urban school systems, offer new promise to raising student achievement for every student in our urban centers. We are excited to train this new class with the skills necessary to effectively manage an urban school district.
    Eli Broad # Talent, Leadership, Urban, School, Reform, Achievement, Teaching, Management, Success Quotes
  • By joining our companies together, we will dominate the two fastest growing segments of the financial services industry, retirement savings and international markets... This marriage is a great cultural fit, with complementary businesses and a distribution network that is second to none.
    Eli Broad # Business, Company, Reform, Serious, Market, Influence, Finance, Culture, Strategy, Important Quotes
  • You've taxed too much, borrowed too much and are a roadblock to reform. (Referring to Gordon Brown)
    David Cameron # Reform, Taxes Quotes
  • In moving toward such bold revolutionary transformations, we understood that there would be errors, that there would be resistance, that the novelty would bring new problems. We foresaw the possibility of breaking in individual sections. However, the profound democratic reform of the entire system of power and government is the guarantee that the overall process of restructuring will move steadily forward and gather strength.
    Mikhail Gorbachev # Politics, Reform, Democracy, Changes Quotes
  • There is no doubt that this government and this country are benefiting from the reforms that we brought in the 1980s, and that couldn't have been done without the co-operation of the trade union movement.
    Bob Hawke # Government, Doubt, Reform, Teamwork, Contribution Quotes
  • When it comes to labour market reform, here's the difference between us and John Howard: John Howard regards labour as just like any other economic commodity. We actually see labour as made up of human beings. These are human beings with an intrinsic dignity. When they go to the workplace, they're not just like a lump of wood or a piece of coal, these are human beings, and they should be treated properly as people with intrinsic rights.
    Kevin Rudd # Reform, Different, Politicians, Labour, Economic, Human, Change, Human Rights Quotes

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