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Nature Quotes is a list of great quotes and comments about nature and being in the nature.

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  • By nature I am curious about life, and this extends to my business.
    Richard Branson # Entrepreneur, Nature, Life, Business Quotes
  • I think it's better when you're natural, when you just do whatever you want, instead of doing classes where I see all these other people holding back because they've been trained with certain skills or techniques.
    Gisele Bundchen # Nature, Skill, Best Quotes
  • You find a lot of people who are envious and jealous. They do not accept you as a foreigner, or an Egyptian in the UK or to own the greatest department store in the world. In business normally this is the nature of life.
    Mohamed Al-Fayed # Business Quotes
  • In particular, Australia, because of its ancient geography, soil profile and distinctive weather patterns, is more adversely affected by climate variability than some other continents.
    Peter Garrett # Nature, Climate Change, Influence Quotes
  • From the living fountain of instinct flows everything that is creative; hence the unconscious is not merely conditioned by history, but is the very source of the creative impulse. It is like Nature herself - prodigiously conservative, and yet transcending her own historical conditions in her acts of creation.
    Carl Jung # Life, Inspirational, Nature, Creative Quotes
  • You completely rediscovered & relived everything to do with wildlife.
    Terri Irwin # Environment, Nature Quotes
  • I found that Steve's passion for wildlife and willingness to lay his life on the line so exciting. What you have in our academic arena is a lot of people who are brilliant at what they do—and boring as the day is long.
    Terri Irwin # Passion, Nature, Environmental, Excellent Quotes
  • It's human nature to keep doing something as long as it's pleasurable and you can succeed at it - which is why the world population continues to double every 40 years.
    Peter Lynch # Nature, World, Success Quotes
  • In the long term we can hope that religion will change the nature of man and reduce conflict. But history is not encouraging in this respect. The bloodiest wars in history have been religious wars.
    Richard Nixon # Religion, Changes, Nature, Conflict, War, Negativity Quotes
  • Every man is, no doubt, by nature, first and principally recommended to his own care; and as he is fitter to take care of himself than of any other person, it is fit and right that it should be so.
    Adam Smith # Society, Nature, Life Quotes
  • How selfish so ever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortune of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it except the pleasure of seeing it.
    Adam Smith # Nature, Selfish, Life Quotes
  • Many organic practices simply make sense, regardless of what overall agricultural system is used. Far from being a quaint throwback to an earlier time, organic agriculture is proving to be a serious contender in modern farming and a more environmentally sustainable system over the long term.
    David Suzuki # Environment, Organic Food, Climate Change, Ecology, Nature Quotes
  • We are upsetting the atmosphere upon which all life depends. In the late 80s when I began to take climate change seriously, we referred to global warming as a "slowmotion catastrophe" one we expected to kick in perhaps generations later. Instead, the signs of change have accelerated alarmingly.
    David Suzuki # Nature, Environment, Climate Change, Global Warming Quotes
  • I am a leader by default, only because nature does not allow a vacuum.
    Desmond Tutu # Leadership, Nature Quotes

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