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Labour Quotes is a list of great quotes and comments about labour and cheap labour in modern days.

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  • As our economy faces up to potential labour shortages due to our ageing population and as it moves to a new level of sophistication to compete with the rest of the world, we're going to need every Australian on board pulling their weight, rejoining the workforce, gaining new skills.
    Julia Gillard # Politics, Labour, Employment, Nation, Australia, Skill, Job, Competition, Economy, Government Quotes
  • If the quantity of labour realized in commodities, regulate their exchangeable value, every increase of the quantity of labour must augment the value of that commodity on which it is exercised, as every diminution must lower it.
    David Ricardo # Labour, Economic, Value Quotes
  • When it comes to labour market reform, here's the difference between us and John Howard: John Howard regards labour as just like any other economic commodity. We actually see labour as made up of human beings. These are human beings with an intrinsic dignity. When they go to the workplace, they're not just like a lump of wood or a piece of coal, these are human beings, and they should be treated properly as people with intrinsic rights.
    Kevin Rudd # Reform, Different, Politicians, Labour, Economic, Human, Change, Human Rights Quotes

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