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Terri Irwin - famous australianTerri Irwin is an american born Australian environmentalist and the wife of Steve Irwin, known as the Crocodile Hunter.

Name: Terri Raines Irwin
Born: July 20, 1964
Country: Australia

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  • When I was a kid, they'd say, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" kids would go Wonder Woman, an astronaut. Do you know what I always said? World domination - so we're on our way.
    Terri Irwin # Dreams, Ambition Quotes
  • Say my husband had a dangerous job and I wasn't with him, I don't know how you go, 'Oh honey, how was it with the police department today? You got all your fingers and toes today?' It would scare me. I'd have to become a police officer and work with him; I couldn't do it.
    Terri Irwin # Job, Work, Relationships, Worry Quotes
  • I am the business side, I am the marketing and promotion side. I'm the straight man who plays off of the wild man. I'm Jane, he's Tarzan. It's always been like that. But I think that that is the spice of life. That is what's so exciting, and that's why people tune in.
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  • I found that Steve's passion for wildlife and willingness to lay his life on the line so exciting. What you have in our academic arena is a lot of people who are brilliant at what they do—and boring as the day is long.
    Terri Irwin # Passion, Nature, Environmental, Excellent Quotes
  • When you talk about risk, there was some risk because of the television. We’d gotten entrenched enough that there was an income to follow our projects.
    Terri Irwin # Risk, Media, Salary, Finance Quotes
  • I am actually the Crocodile Hunter and my husband helps me - people mix that up.
    Terri Irwin # Interesting Quotes
  • You completely rediscovered & relived everything to do with wildlife.
    Terri Irwin # Environment, Nature Quotes
  • Tomorrow I'll be heading out to count koalas in the wild. Then I'm off to work on an expansion project in the zoo. I may be wheeling concrete or doing interview. It's never the same, but Steve, Bindi and I are almost always together and I think that's one of the most important things as we're doing these adventures.
    Terri Irwin # Work, Changes, Family, Teamwork, Important Quotes
  • We both influenced each other.
    Terri Irwin # Influence Quotes
  • Steve waited until Bindi was about one month old before he took her in with the crocodiles. But she was two weeks old before she met her first snake, she was three months old when she met her first venomous snake.
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