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Li Ka Shing quotesLi Ka Shing is one of the richest people in Hong Kong and Asia and chairman of Cheung Kong Holdings.

Name: Li Ka-Shing
Born: July 29, 1928
Country: China

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  • We are approaching a new age of synthesis. Knowledge cannot be merely a degree or a skill... it demands a broader vision, capabilities in critical thinking and logical deduction without which we cannot have constructive progress.
    Li Ka Shing # Knowledge, Skill, Thinking Quotes
  • Our strong yet flexible structure allows us to move quickly to take advantage of narrow windows of opportunity in the fast-paced commercial world.
    Li Ka Shing # Strong, Opportunity, World Quotes
  • As the chairman and a shareholder, I have a duty and responsibility to create long-term value and achieve short-term returns for all shareholders.
    Li Ka Shing # Management, Stocks, Responsibility, Creative, Achievement Quotes
  • I believe an equitable society can only be achieved if each and every individual is ready and willing to do his or her part in capacity empowerment through education and the building of a caring society, particularly through medical and healthcare related projects. These are two important pillars of hope for any society.
    Li Ka Shing # Belief, Society, Achievement, Power, Education Quotes
  • The future may be made up of many factors but where it truly lies is in the hearts and minds of men. Your dedication should not be confined for your own gain, but unleashes your passion for our beloved country as well as for the integrity and humanity of mankind.
    Li Ka Shing # Passion, Love, Encouragement Quotes
  • Information and communications technology unlocks the value of time, allowing and enabling multi-tasking, multi-channels, multi-this and multi-that.
    Li Ka Shing # Communication, Technology, Value Quotes
  • I will never be satisfied, like the Olympics.
    Li Ka Shing # Satisfaction Quotes
  • Life was extremely hard when I was young; today working without the burden of pressure to me is the same as the luxury of retirement.
    Li Ka Shing # Life, Work Quotes
  • I am in good shape, and can rise to the opportunities and challenges of our times, and I embrace each project with enthusiasm.
    Li Ka Shing # Good, Opportunity, Challenging Quotes
  • As people seek to improve their living environment, there will be continuous demand for residential property. Investment in real estate market should have reasonable prospects in the long run.
    Li Ka Shing # Improvement, Environment, Real Estate, Investing Quotes
  • Vision is perhaps our greatest strength... it has kept us alive to the power and continuity of thought through the centuries, it makes us peer into the future and lends shape to the unknown.
    Li Ka Shing # Strong, Power, Future Quotes

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