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Ben Graham quotesBen Graham is a famous American stock market investor that influenced the investing style of Warren Buffett.

Name: Benjamin Graham
Born: May 8, 1894
Died: September 21, 1976
Country: USA

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  • There are two elements of basic importance that the analyst should recognize in the behavior of stocks over the last six years. The first is the principle of continuity, and the other is what I would call the principle of deceptive selectivity in the stock market.
    Ben Graham # Important, Stocks, Stock Market Quotes
  • Wall Street people learn nothing and forget everything.
    Ben Graham # Mistakes, Learning, Wall Street Quotes
  • They (stockbrokers, financial analysts, investment advisers) tend to take the market and themselves too seriously. They spend a large part of their time trying, valiantly and ineffectively, to do things they can't do well.
    Ben Graham # Stock Market Quotes
  • A typical investor has a great advantage over the large institutions.
    Ben Graham # Investing Quotes
  • That it is perfectly proper to buy stocks for speculation. There is no crime in that. When you buy stocks for speculation it is perfectly proper to take speculative factors into account, which are different from investment factors.
    Ben Graham # Investing, Stocks, Risk Quotes
  • I don't believe any of us have the pretension of believing that by being very good analysts, or by going through very elaborate computations, we can be pretty sure of the correctness of our results.
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  • I am no longer an advocate of elaborate techniques of security analysis in order to find superior value opportunities.
    Ben Graham # Opportunity, Value Quotes
  • When somebody asserts that a stock has an earning power of so much, I am sure that the person who hears him doesn't know what he means, and there is a good chance that the man who uses it doesn't know what it means.
    Ben Graham # Stocks, Salary, Power, Knowledge Quotes
  • The correct attitude of the security analyst toward the stock market might well be that of a man toward his wife. He shouldn't pay too much attention to what the lady says, but he can't afford to ignore it entirely. That is pretty much the position that most of us find ourselves vis-à-vis the stock market.
    Ben Graham # Attitude, Stock Market, Focus, Family Quotes
  • I am more and more impressed with the possibilities of history's repeating itself on many different counts. You don't get very far in Wall Street with the simple, convenient conclusion that a given level of prices is not too high.
    Ben Graham # Stock Market, Wall Street, Research Quotes
  • The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator.
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